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Parenting With Curiosity

Your peaceful parenting transformation begins here.

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After all, raising future generations is the most important job we will ever have!

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What is parent coaching?

“Entering parenthood, we often carry specific notions about how we envision ourselves as parents. The reality, however, may not align with these preconceived plans. Parenting challenges can take us by surprise, our reactions may not be what we hoped for, and our envisioned parenting environment might seem elusive. A parent coach steps in during these times, offering crucial support to facilitate positive changes and foster the bond you yearn for with your family.”

-Jai Institute for Parenting

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Parent coaching might be for you if:

  • You can't seem to get your child to listen to you... or you can, but not without a lot of yelling, arguing, and/or tears.
  • Punishments and consequences are feeling harsh and ineffective, but you don't know of another way.
  • Your relationship with your child feels distant and cold.
  • Communication between you and your child is filled with accusations and defensiveness.
  • You're worried your child is just plain bad, mean, stubborn, disrespectful, lazy, or uncooperative... and are concerned about their future in this world if that doesn't change.
  • Or maybe you were the child in these scenarios, and now you're a parent yourself working to avoid repeating these cycles.

If this sounds like your parenting experience so far, I want to assure you that I know this is not indicative of a lack of love for your child, or you being a 'bad parent'... you are overwhelmed and it makes sense. This job is so hard and does not come with an instruction manual!

But there is hope! With evidence-based research, new skills/tools, and a parenting coach to guide you along the way, you can gain cooperation without yelling and punishments.... and you can build a deep, strong connection with your child.

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Meet your coach:

Hello curious parents!

My name is Ashley Caruso. I am a wife, mama, and certified parenting coach.

I began this coaching journey to support parents like yourself to calm the chaos and find peace in parenting. One area I feel passionate about is helping parents of strong-willed children. You know the ones... loud, argumentative, stubborn, rude... not quite the easiest child to raise. As a former strong-willed child myself though, I feel passionate about helping parents navigate this terrain. My goal is to show you how to better connect with and understand your child so their walls begin to drop and both of you can feel peace again.

Additionally, as frustrating as it feels at times, I truly believe their strong-willed personality can be an amazing blessing long-term... assuming it is fostered and exercised the right ways. Instead of putting out their fire altogether, I will show you how to simply redirect it!

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What does it mean to Parent with Curiosity?

I believe curiosity is our best parenting tool! Asking questions leads to answers, and those answers will lead you to solutions.

Questions like these (examples below) will open your heart and mind to possibilities you hadn't yet considered.


Questions for self

  • What am I feeling and needing in this moment?
  • Why does this behavior bother me so badly?
  • How did my parents address this behavior and is there a connection there?
  • Is my mental health affecting our relationship?
  • Do I model the behavior I'm asking from my child?
  • How can I best validate my child in this moment while continuing to hold this boundary?
  • Is there room for flexibility on this boundary?

Questions for child

  • What is my child feeling, needing, and believing in this moment?
  • Is this behavior developmentally appropriate?
  • Does my child need help... either with co-regulation or with following through on a boundary set?
  • Does my child feel seen, heard, and safe with me?
  • What can I do to further connect with my child today?

What I offer:

  • 12- week parenting course

  • One-hour call geared toward your specific need

  • Free Discovery Call to determine if we’re a good fit for each other
Happy parenting

My commitments to you

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This is a safe space

Anything you share with me remains completely confidential and judgement free. I know parenting brings out the best and worst in us sometimes. That's okay.

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All are welcome

Every parent, teacher, and caregiver deserves access to coaching. No matter your appearance, background, beliefs, or family dynamic, I will hear you and support you in meeting your goals.

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Comfort and Consent

Sometimes the course calls for us to dive deeper into areas that don't feel great. This is where change happens. However, if you are not comfortable doing that, or need more time, that is okay. I will meet you where you are.

Gay marriage and gay parenting.Mortgage refinancing


See what clients have to say about their coaching experience!

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Coming Soon...

“Ashley has done so much for us that I don’t even know where to start. She truly tailored each week ​to meet my individual needs and she did it with such grace and empathy. The course content is ​phenomenal and eye-opening. I highly recommend it to parents and caregivers of children in all ​age-ranges. You won’t be disappointed!”

More to come

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I'd love to hear from you.

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